A lot of our stories begin as tips from readers. (Have any? Send 'em here!) Sometimes, these tips don't pan out for one reason or another. Here are a bunch of emails we got in 2012 that never turned into stories, either because we couldn't confirm them or because they were so utterly ridiculous we didn't even bother to try. Everything sic.

Subject: [NFL team] gambling/sex party 9/14/2012....anonymous tip.

here's the rundown on the poker party last night. This time it wasn't at [REDACTED] house like I was originally told, it was at [REDACTED] home and it was a cheap ghetto nightmare!! Music so loud you couldn't even hear yourself think, sticky drinks filled w cheap alcohol spilled all over his basement floor. The ugliest broads slinking around sucking & f!cking for $600-$700. There was a train being ran on 2 girls (1 black girl named "mocha" & 1 Hispanic girl named "sequoia"- yes like the tree) upstairs in 1 of the bedrooms. A naked blonde girl was thrown onto a bed by some random black dude and covered w blanket. I hope she was passed out and not about to be raped. From what I could tell [REDACTED] did not go home w anybody BUT he was sighted making out w an EXTREMELY YOUNG looking blonde girl as we were leaving. He also was particpating in MASSIVE gambling & losing HUGE amounts of money at the card table playing spades or hi/low. In fact his teammate [REDACTED] took his money, [REDACTED] money, [REDACTED] money, and some other players money as well and left w a gigantic stack of cash worth approx $30k. The "security guards" from [REDACTED] were absolutely NO HELP at all in controlling the situation. I found them to be obnoxious, lazy, and Stupid. In fact, The tall one was spotted paying multiple prostitutes out of a bank bag at [REDACTED] request. I truly wish ppl could have seen the scabs at this party. Nasty skinny tattooed beasts that [REDACTED] booked out from Houston apparently & were bragging about staying at the [REDACTED] hotel by [REDACTED] airport.

Poker party part 2..... To be honest [REDACTED] looked very out of place and pissy after he lost his money and saw that the talent level was LOOOOW. he just went w what was cheap & easy bc a lot of ppl were looking at him w that girl like "wtf"??! Sighted players were: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED] (that was the guy that won everybody's money and left), And i want to say [REDACTED] but im not completely sure. I wish I knew the other players names but there were soooo many random ppl it was difficult to catch everybody's identity. I anonymously tipped this story because I didn't fly out there from Vegas for this bullshit and to hang out with a ton of dirty random scum, nasty street walkers, cheap ball players, low rent fake security guards in the middle of [REDACTED]. P.s. there was a girl there who kept telling everybody she was an ex Dallas cowboys cheerleader and when I figure out her name, I'll expose her cheap bum ass too.

P.s.s if you want to know the name of the girl who booked the scabs, her name is tori, lives in vegas, and she works closely w a someone named alex, alec, Alexa or something bc I saw her texting someone w that name on her phone ALOT. If anybody knows a Vegas host that is close w [REDACTED] who goes by that name, feel free to expand on this one.

Subject: Bryce Harper Pics

A friend of mine has pics of Bryce Harper nearly nude (boxers, only wearing a towel, etc.). She has recently discovered news of his girl friend (I think a BYU soccer player?) and so she may be willing to offer them. The pics are somewhat provactive and were sent specifically for her (so she thinks at least). I'm sure she has text to go along with the pics. The pics are definitely of him, with clear face shots. Was wondering if there was any interest on Deadspin's part? The pics aren't your usual dong pics of athletes, but they certainly go along with the douche persona that Harper has given himself.


I've been having an affair with a married celebrity. I have over two thousand emails between him and I. Very, very detailed conversations and pictures. We're breaking up and well...nothing like a woman scorned.. I've always been an avid reader of yours so I thought I'd give you first dibs.


Subject: Lane Kiffin - Affair

A great friend of mine told me this morning that her best friend is sleeping with Lane Kiffin at USC. The name of the girl is [REDACTED] formerly a USC student and 22 year old. She is also [REDACTED]. Apparently [REDACTED] is [REDACTED] and they frequently meet at a local hotel. Coach Kiffin makes her dress in a disguise. I trust my friend dearly. She came out and told me without coaxing because 'she had to get it off of her chest because it's wrong'.

Subject: Hip Hop Mayor Can Be Saved By Who's Who Of Rap And Sporting Word

Dear Editor-

I have a scoop involving the Hip Hop Mayor who is on trial facing what amounts to a life sentence (70+ years) and the fact he can be acquited if he calls rappers Jay Z, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and athletes ranging from Kobe Bryant to and others etc (and one troubled basketball player and his criminal past). to testify. It will reveal a scandal involving those rappers, several prominent DC and Ottawa, Canada politicians, FBI, the Kardashian family, Martha Stewart, and Paris Hilton and dozens of other rappers and Hollywood celebs. I can pass on details and documentation at your request.

Jerome Almon

Subject: NFL QB with openly gay brother

Would you guys be interested in knowing about a prominent NFL starting qb who has an openly gay brother?


Subject: Tim Tebow is Gay and I have a NAME to go with the claim.


I am from Florida and have been working with a friend for a while now who is gay and from Utah. A couple of weeks ago he came to me and said "He had a secret he wanted to tell" I said ok. He proceeded to tell me how he had a friend who lived in Utah but went to University of Florida, and how he went on a date with the guy and later just became friends. This guy told my friend how at UF he was in a relationship with Tim Tebow and that they are still in a relationship. Then The guy proceeded to tell my friend how he was moving to Denver and that Tim was lonely and needed his companion.

Well I didn't believe it (even though I always thought Tim he was gay anyway) so I started researching the guys name that my friend told me. His Facebook page confirmed most of his location history and his timeline showed that he moved to Denver and now magically Is moving to NY! The guy is a nurse in NY now and somehow affords a high-rise apartment looking over the city, he has pics of him with stars...cause every average nurse lives in a fancy highrise in Manhattan and gets photos taken with Oprah..lol

Well a few days ago his Facebook page was taken down and he changed his name on Facebook. My friend at work contacted him and he said that Tim wants him to lay low right now because something happened and he needs to make sure they don't get caught. Apparently Timmy is extremely stealth about this stuff, of course cause let's face it If Time Tebow came out it would be bigger than 9/11..lol. An entire media lock-down!

I have the guys name and more info and I want to see what type of deal we can make. Let me know

Subject: Pacquiao's mistress

My friend lives in the Park La Brea apartments in LA near The Grove at 6200 W 3rd St.

He says Manny Pacquiao is frequently seen inside the building and that the rumor among his neighbors is that his mistress lives there.