Tim Tebow Refuses To Do Book Signing For Christian Book Store Near Jets Training Camp

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The New York Jets will kick off their 2012 training camp schedule at SUNY Cortland on July 26, 2012. Excitement is high in the city for the month-long economic/notoriety boon. Even more so than usual because, OHMIGODTIMTEBOW. He's on the Jets, remember?

The locals are getting ready for his arrival, but it's not just Tim. Oh, no. It's much more than Tim.

"A couple months ago, I got a call from a church group, then another and I thought it was interesting, not groups we normally get calls from," said Jim Dempsey of the Cortland County Convention and Visitors Bureau. "Right now, we have no way of knowing how many more groups will come because of Tim Tebow.

"But we expect a lot."

Super. What's more, local shop owners are going to sell snazzy shirts with nifty sayings like "Tebowmania: Training Camp, Cortland, N.Y. It's Here." (Shirts only available in size XXL).


With all the excitement, you might have forgotten that in addition to being the most famous backup quarterback in the history of everything, Tim Tebow is also "[t]he author of best-selling memoir 'Through My Eyes.'"

That is perfect, Kitty Jones—owner of Spirit & Life bookstore (the "only Christian bookstore" in Cortland)—likely thought. Tebow's here. He's a Christian. And he wrote a book about being both Tim Tebow and a Christian! It's the perfect storm. We can hold a book signing right here in the store and Spirit & Life will be able to fill its coffers for sure.

"They said he is not doing any more signings this year," Jones said. "I wish he would change his mind. I mean he is going to be here for a month."


Someone needs to boo the backup quarterback for once.

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