Broncos fans, you are amazing. Amazing.

Wide receiver David Anderson just signed with Denver last week, and already he's received his first piece of fan mail. Except letter-writer-inner John doesn't want an autograph from Anderson. He just wants him to have a chat with his teammate Tim Tebow, about Tebow's little habit of wearing his cap backwards. Like a common "skateboarder" or "arc welder."

The last thing Denver sports fans (who are starving for a winning team) need, is a quarterback that doesn't know which direction the brim on his baseball hat should face!

The letter spills over a single page and is continued on a post-it note, with additional photo evidence. I don't know how to break this to concerned grandparents everywhere, but it might be a while before Tebow sheds the backwards cap and clipboard for a starting role. So you're going to have to get used to it, you crazy person.

[via Traina]