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Time To Get Unreasonably Angry About LeBron's Akron/Heat T-Shirt

LeBron James shared this photo with the world on his Twitter feed today, and it might just be the perfect LeBron James offense: it is, first of all, coupled with a feel-good story about kids raising money for his foundation with a lemonade stand in New Canaan, Conn., and it is not really an offense at all, because it is just a T-shirt. A T-shirt with the name of his hometown, Akron, written in the style of the Miami Heat logo.

Depending on your historical degree of LeBron outrage, this is either a perfectly harmless tribute to his hometown or a terribly heartless affront to his hometown. To us, it mostly just seems pointless. I can't imagine that this T-shirt — likely produced by Nike, because at this point probably even Lebron's sons' diapers are made by Nike — will appeal to either of the targeted markets. Miami does not care about Akron, and even though it's not quite Cleveland, we imagine that most Akron natives still harbor some resentment toward the Miami Heat. So why does this T-shirt exist? I suppose it is only to fuel us, haters at large, so that we can find more reason to hate on Akron's native son. For that, maybe we should show some gratitude.



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