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Timo Meier's Controversial Assist Hands The Sharks A Game 3 Win

You’re not going to believe this, but there was a huge controversy in the NHL Playoffs tonight. In overtime of Game 3 between the Sharks and the Blues, Erik Karlsson scored the winner, his second goal of the game, to give San Jose a 2-1 lead in the series. The Sharks’ 5-4 victory was not received politely by the St. Louis crowd, however, because the assist from Timo Meier that led to Karlsson’s goal certainly looks like it could have been whistled for a hand pass.

For those who aren’t super well-versed in the NHL’s Rule 79, a player can’t bat the puck with his hand to a teammate, or “(allow) his team to gain an advantage with a hand pass, so it sure seems like the play should have been blown dead as soon as Gus Nyquist touched the puck. I myself can’t even keep track of what exactly what is reviewable and what is not, but apparently, this one couldn’t be double-checked by the officials. That’s an incredibly tough break for the Blues, who led late in this game until Logan Couture equalized with a minute left in regulation. And it’s an even worse turn of events for their sticks.


Somewhere, in a grimy bar with dim lighting and $1 Buds in the fridge, Jonathan Marchessault and Gabriel Landeskog are shaking their heads in sympathy.

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