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Tina Trahan: Tiger's Social Linchpin

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This lovely woman standing next to this intimidating gentleman is named Tina Trahan. Yes, not Pam. Tina. She's not a madam or a VIP party-planner, but she's got some curious connections to Tiger and lots of other people.

According to a source, this woman is part of the elite inner-circle (which appears to be more and more like a bungling bunch of wannabe Illuminati) with Tiger's old college teammate Jerry Chang and childhood pal Bryon Bell. Trahan shimmied into the Tiger crew after she met Chang a few years ago. She came up through the Chicago social scene — was a friend of Jordan's, Barkley's, that crew — and even lived with The Big Hurt, Frank Thomas, for a couple years. That above picture is from a 2003 Sex and the City party that she attended with then-boyfriend Chris Albrecht, who is a big swinging drunken dick in his own right. She is 39 years old and now lives in Manhattan with a dude from Goldman.


For a woman who seems to run with a pretty elite list of people, she's amazingly un-Google-able. All of this elbow-rubbing with athletes and moguls, yet she's like the Keyser Söze of the internet. Now, her role: According to the source, Trahan (along with Chang) were responsible for introducing Tiger to accused mistress number umpteen, Theresa Rogers. This initial meet-up occurred pre-Elin, but it's been reported that Roberts was still Tiger booty after the marriage. What's more interesting about Trahan is that she was apparently (according to the source) a member of Tiger's private plane posse. This woman has a lot of insight into what the super-rich and super-famous do during their downtime — not just Tiger, but all of the corporate big-wigs who partook in whatever carousing occurred on some of these Tiger jaunts. But, alas, she's a vault, because what happens in Dubai, stays in Dubai. For now. Until the gossip rags swarm. Hurry.

If any readers know more information about this woman, please don't hesitate to unload on me.

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