What to watch while asking the referee for his phone number ...
β€’ 6:17 p.m. β€” Super Bowl XLII: Pittsburgh Steelers at Dallas Cowboys. (Just seeing who really reads these.) [FOX]
Alternative Super Bowl Programming
β€’ 6: p.m. β€” My Big Breasts And Me. "Three women openly discuss the negative impact their large breasts have had on their lives." This is a 30-second show. [BBC America]
β€’ 8 p.m. β€” Movie: Legally Blonde. Reese Witherspoon decided to do this movie once the director explained the jokes to her. [Comedy Central]
β€’ 9 p.m. β€” To Catch A Predator. It's only a matter of time before a Deadspin commenter is asked to have a seat. [MSNBC]