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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

To Watch Tonight

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What to watch while sipping on that Kong...

  • MLB: White Sox vs. Mets (5 p.m., ET) Enjoy your meaningless baseball games before they become slightly less meaningless. [ESPN]
  • College Basketball: West Region final, Xavier vs. UCLA (6:40 p.m., ET) [CBS] The refs bailed out this post.
  • Movie: Catch Me If You Can (8 p.m., ET) ...fell...into...a bucket of cream. [ABC]
  • College Basketball: East Region final, Louisville vs. North Carolina. (9:05 p.m., ET) A Rick Pitino and Roy Williams squabble to the death!
  • Women's College Basketball: Spokane Region semifinal, Maryland vs. Vanderbilt (9 p.m., ET) You're all I got left, Frese! [ESPN]
  • Movie: Kill Bill, Vol. 1. (9 p.m., ET) [Telemundo] Un asesino sale del estado de coma e intenta vengarse de su ex-jefe y su pandilla de criminales!

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