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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

To Watch Tonight

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What to watch while imaging a world with hover bacon...

  • In Progress: Arena Football Conference Title Game. [ESPN] I hear these are often better than whatever happens in the AFL Title Game.
  • NASCAR: 400. [TNT] 8 p.m. Tony Stewart leave Joe Gibbs behind. Just like Gibbs' mental faculties.
  • IndyCar: Firestone Indy 200. 8 p.m. [ESPN]
  • Softball. Canada vs. U.S. National Team in Oklahoma City. [ESPN2] Yesirree, big night in sports.
  • TV: I Love the New Millennium. Every hour though 9 p.m. [VH1] As much as I dislike these, Luis Guzman talking about 50 Cent is good TV.
  • Movie: Raging Bull. 9 p.m. [IFC] You punch like you take it up the ass.

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