What to watch while you try to avoid being robbed by pirates ... • College Football: Ball State Cardinals at Central Michigan Chippewas (7:00 p.m., ET) I guess Birds and Chips are okay, too. [ESPN2] • NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets (8:00 p.m., ET) I might have some inside info on this game, if you're interested. [ESPN] • Soccer: World Cup Qualifier: Guatemala vs. United States (10:00 p.m., ET) No wonder Cal Ripken had to leave the country. [ESPN2] • NBA: Chicago Bulls at Portland Trail Blazers (10:30 p.m., ET) Derrick Rose looked at me! [ESPN] • Series: "Pushing Daisies" (8:00 p.m., ET) Please watch this show. It's probably too late, but I'd hate to see it canceled. [ABC]