What to watch while you enjoy a tasty vending machine pizza ...

• College Football: MAC Championship: Ball State Cardinals vs. Buffalo Bulls (8:00 p.m., ET) Help us, Sussman. You're our only hope. [ESPN2]
• NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Boston Celtics (8:00 p.m., ET) Kevin Garnett to Blazers: "Nice shoes, jerks." [ESPN]
• Special: "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" (8:00 p.m., ET) The Grinch's sentencing hearing will be on Monday. [ABC]
• NBA: Toronto Raptors at Utah Jazz (10:30 p.m., ET) Utah is jazz. [ESPN]
• Movie: "Heat" (8:00 p.m., ET) Are you looking to become a penologist? [Bravo]