To Watch Tonight: Now That You're Gone (to Watch Television)

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What to watch while questioning the relevance of the 1980s yet again... • College Football: Ohio State at USC (8 pm ET) [ABC] - We received a link today asking why the Buckeyes were hated so much because the line shows them to be rather large underdogs, suggesting various conspiracy theories. Here's a hint, kids: Vegas doesn't hate the players because it owns the game. (Here's another hint: Deadspin's own Matt Sussman will be liveblogging this game. We hear it's fingerpainting night in the ol' liveblog. Don't miss it.) • College Football: Auburn at Mississippi State (7 pm ET) [ESPN2] • College Football: Oklahoma at Washington (7:45 pm ET) [ESPN] • College Football: Arizona at New Mexico (8 pm ET) [CBS College Sports] - If you wanted to watch these games over Ohio State-USC, you already knew this information. • Bull Racing: PBR Grand Rapids Invitational (8 pm ET) [Versus] - If you wanted to watch this over college football, we will buy you a drink at Toby Keith's place next time we're through town. We recommend the fried bologna sammich. • Tomfoolery: Saturday Night Live (11:35 pm ET) [NBC] - Barack Obama will not appear tonight because of Hurricane Ike, but Michael Phelps will still appear. It's either because Michael Phelps doesn't care about hurricane victims or because he was able to swim through the hurricane that stopped Obama. Care to reconsider your vice-presidential candidate now, Senator?