What to watch while preparing for a good night's sleep before your big Buttcrack Summit... • Something of a Theme: Beer for My Horses (7:00 pm ET) [CMT] and "Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road" (7:30 pm ET) [COM] - We may not have to hear The King's English all night. • Movie: The Cable Guy (7:15 pm ET) [Starz] - Free cable is the ultimate aphrodisiac. (Also, this movie is exactly why we haven't complained all weekend about our non-functional pay television service.) • NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles (8:15 pm ET) [NBC] - Maybe these two cities would be filled with less rage if they stopped poking each other so often. They could then focus their energies in a more constructive manner, like hating Providence. God, Providence sucks. • Movie: Young Frankenstein (10:00 pm ET) [FMC] - O Sweet Mystery of Life, at last I found you!