What to watch while not watching porn at work anymore ... • Movie: *batteries not included (8:30 pm ET) [HBO Family] - "Frank! It's the love boat to Cuba! Shuffle board and pineapples filled with rum. Know what they do? They put little paper umbrellas sticking out the top so that when it rains, it don't thin out the liquor." • College Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech (8 pm ET) [ABC] - Matthew Bartholomew Sussman will join you for a lively blogging of the night's events. (Unless you're one of the poor bastards that has to watch Berkeley and L.A. renew their sad li'l rivalry. Then he'll lively blog events that have little-to-no meaning for you.) • College Football: Notre Dame at Boston College (8 pm ET) [ESPN] - Matthew Bartholomew Sussman probably won't mention this. • College Football: Florida at Vanderbilt (8 pm ET) [ESPN2] - Matthew Bartholomew Sussman definitely won't mention this.