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Zack Hample, author of The Baseball Collector, is somewhat of a legend in the sports memorabilia world. His claim to fame: He's caught at least one ball in 404 consecutive Major League games.

But now the ugly, horrible truth. As we learn in his latest entry, Hample's pursuit is not all that glamorous. In fact, he's kind of a slut.

"After ten minutes, I gave up on left field and ran around to right, where a few Mets pitchers were standing around. After ten more minutes of getting dissed (mostly by Danny Graves and his 7.85 ERA), I asked Dae-Sung Koo for a ball — in Korean — and he tossed it to me without hesitating. It might be the dirtiest ball I've caught all season."


We remember the news item not too long ago when dinosaur experts told us that T-Rex was probably not a fearsome predator as first believed — but instead was merely a scavenger. This is kind of like that.

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