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Having just spent the morning removing about a dozen rolls of toilet paper from the roof and the trees in the front yard, we think it's great when kids get involved with a constructive activity. Witness Look Who I Just Interviewed, written by a 13-year-old named Michael who chats with various major league players.

In one recent post, the lad even takes on baseball's thorniest current issue:

Steriods have become a problem in all sports, not just baseball. And while nobody probably really cares what a kid thinks, it's still an important issues that we should not ignore.

OK, he misspelled steroids. No big deal; everyone makes a mistake now and then. The media is so cute at that age.

"More and more high school athletes are trying steriods."

Oops, another one. That's OK, he'll catch on and correct it.

"Steriods are bad for you, period. These players set the example for us kids. If it's ok for you, is it ok for us?"


This is starting to annoy us now.

"My biggest peeve is lying about it. "No, I absolutely DO NOT take steriods!" Then they test positive. That doesn't make for a good role model."

Steroids. STEROIDS. Get it right!

"In the long run, I hope that the new rules on steriods helps get some guys off of it."


SPELL CHECK! It's the button on the lower right, YOU LITTLE FREAK!

Sorry. This attitude is probably why our house was TP'd in the first place.

Look Who I Just Interviewed [MLB Blogs]