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This image was lost some time after publication.'s Casey Stern has no peer behind a microphone, unless you count Carson Daly. Actually he's more of a cross between Pauly Shore and Christopher Knight — one day he's going to startle a guest when his voice changes right on the air.

Stern — remember, he was a loser on the ESPN reality show Dream Job — has a featured role in the multimedia section of MLB Blogs, where he interviews a different guest each week for your streaming audio pleasure. This week he chats with MLB blogger Curt Smith, the former speechwriter for George Bush The Elder and author of a couple of baseball books. This would actually be a terrific opportunity for most sports journalists, but not for Stern, who is careful to keep the questioning at the junior high level ("What was it like to work in the White House? Was Bush a baseball fan?").

What a waste. If there's one guy in the hemisphere qualified to talk at length about baseball's steroid controversy, it would be Smith. He has intimate knowledge of both politics and baseball. He knows George W. Bush from his Texas Rangers days, when Rafael Palmeiro played for the team. One can imagine the possibilities. Take us behind the scenes and get to the juicy details!

No, sorry. Casey Stern is no Peter Jennings:

"Have you ever watched The West Wing, or 24? How realistic are those shows?"

Ah. Well, you know, perhaps ESPN called this one correctly.

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