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Take a look at the above photo, actually existing on MLB Blogs at this moment. A couple of possibilities here:

• 1. This is your workplace, and as the headline reads, "everyone's blogging." No one is working, however, and as a result your job has just been downsized. Sad, really.
• 2. This photo was taken at actual MLB Blogs headquarters. Therefore, we know the people who are not in the photo. We can rule out Tom Seaver (no entries since June 28), filmmaker Alan Swyer (just one entry since June 14), Tommy Lasorda (not a peep in more than a month) and Royals pitcher Brian Anderson (last seen diagramming his ulnar nerve 39 days ago).

Our gut feeling? The computer screens have all been Photoshopped to look like the MLB Blogs homepage — in reality they're all surfing porn.


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