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They are the weblogs that time forgot. The blogs of the damned. Let us take a moment today to pay homage to the brave sites that have been consigned to the MLB Blogs scrap heap.

Oh, once they were thriving Internet communities. But no more. Tour of Duty, That's Not Orange and Five-for-Five ... we hardly knew ye.

That's Not Orange became the first MLB Blogs site to officially pack up its tent and leave (second-to-last post: "You Can't Screw Up Rice and Beans"). Deserter. We can feel the wheels falling off this entire enterprise.


Five-For-Five, well, the premise was a father and son visiting five ballparks in five days. Not much long-term potential there, Pop.

And we're actually not too comfortable speculating on Kevin and Sean, the authors of Tour of Duty. Army sergeants who were stationed in Baghdad, they were honorably discharged and came home to visit America's ballparks. Made it as far as Anaheim in early June and haven't been heard from since.

Rumsfeld! (shaking fist), what have you done?!

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