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Zack Hample is quite insane, of that we're certain. He has close to 3,000 baseballs in his house, from 40 different ballparks. So obsessed is he that he's even posted a map of Costa Rica on his site, with arrows pointing to the exact site of the Rawlings baseball factory. We know he's planned his advance on that factory, just as Patton did in Sicily. Monty must not beat us to Turrialba!

But there are also other, less frightening items on Hample's MLB Blogs site, such as his list of MLB jerks. Among them, Rick Reed, Marvin Freeman, Hector Villanueva and Barry Bonds (Hample says he once witnessed Bonds leaving a dozen kids waiting outside his stretch limo for an autograph, then told them to "chill" and left without signing).

And, of course, no list would be complete without John Rocker.

"Shea was an interesting place when the 1999 Braves came to visit. Rocker cursed at fans. Rocker spat (from a distance) at fans. Rocker gave 'the finger' to fans. Rocker threw balls AT fans. Rocker grabbed his crotch at the entire bleachers section. (Perhaps, he was irked by the homemade sign that said "ROCKER LIKES COX.")"

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