Fulham 1-1 Tottenham. American Clint Dempsey saw his first action for Fulham today, coming off the bench in the 81st minute and... well, I don't think he did much of anything. He's listed in the match report as "Clinton Dempsey," which I think shows a lack of international respect for his gangsta nature. They didn't get the memo about not treading on this. Fulham tied the game with a late penalty kick conversion from Vincenzo Montella.

Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea. If Manchester United can find a way to beat Arsenal tomorrow, they'll be a full nine points clear of Chelsea in the league standings... because Chelsea got their ass whooped today. Still troubled by some defensive injuries (heartbreaking, isn't it?), Chelsea went with Michael Essien and Paulo Ferreira as their center backs. That didn't work so well. Liverpool scored twice in the first 18 minutes.


Reading 3-1 Sheffield United. Sheffield substitute Keith Gillespie enjoyed his ten seconds of playing time today. He subbed into the game, hit a fellow named Stephen Hunt with a forearm to the face, and then was thrown out. Not a bad day's work. Both coaches were thrown out in the ensuing argument, too. The above picture is of Sheffield United coach Neil Warnock, who is either reacting angrily to something, or engaged in a fight with Kevin Garnett.

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