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Today In The Upcoming Bloodbath

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Well, if it's Tuesday, it must be time for an update on The Game To End All Games, the No. 1 vs. No. 2 Ohio State-Michigan sluggaroo this Saturday. We remain incredibly fond of this matchup and aren't particularly worried about it being "overhyped," as they say, because anyone in danger of fatigue can just dial up mental pictures of either side's maniacal fan bases and just bathe in amusement. Here's what's going on.

• According to TicketsNow, the average price for a ticket is $839.57. The top price? $2,475.


• The M Zone reports that the Michigan Dean of Students has officially warned students about traveling to Columbus. We have no idea what might have inspired him to do that.

• A new site has launched attempting to canvas the mutual hate into something with a .com at the end of it.

• One of the most famous images of the rivalry? Totally screwed up.

Honestly, why play the game at this point?

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