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Today In TMZish Sports: Kyle Boller Involved In Nip-Slip Drive-By, Woods Is A Sex Addict And Snowboarder Rage

These are some of the things that are happening in the nether regions of the sports gossip world. This news is not breaking. It is not exclusive. There are no exclamation points. We did not pay for these photos. (NSFW)

Rams quarterback Kyle Boller was having a pleasant time vacationing when a wave summoned by Perez Hilton tried to rip off the top of his girlfriend's bathing suit. (NSFW)[TheSuperFicial]

Yes, fans, Tiger Woods is apparently in a sex addiction facility in Mississippi. Why don't they just call "sex addiction therapy" what it really is: "how to stop being an asshole therapy." [Benoit/WUP]

An angry professional snowboarder gets in an entertaining shouting match with some corporate folks after he busted their ice sculpture. [TMZ]


There are some sporty individuals listed in this mind-bending gallery of women wearing pants that are too tight in the crotch region. Suspiciously absent from this gallery? The Clemson rowing team. [Caveman Circus]


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