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Today Is A Great Day For A Ron, But Maybe Not For Long

One Ron.
Photo: Bruce Bennett (Getty)

This is Ron Hextall. Until this morning, he was the GM of the Philadelphia Flyers. In five years, he completely rebuilt the roster and restocked the farm system, and while that is an accomplishment given what he inherited, five years is a long time for a team to go without winning a single playoff series, and to still be bottom-feeding in the not-very-good Metropolitan Division. So Ron Hextall was fired with a statement that passes for brutal in the staid world of press releases: “[I]t has become clear that we no longer share the same philosophical approach concerning the direction of the team.”

Ron Hextall is not on Twitter.

This is also Ron. A different Ron. Ron was not the Flyers GM, nor, to my knowledge, the GM of any NHL team. Ron is on Twitter, though. He’s got the username @Ron, presumably having won a battle royale of Rons for possession of the handle. Which means the least few years have been rough for Ron. But today, today is a glorious day for Ron.


I can sympathize with Ron. I am @Barry, and, though you might not believe it, I am often the target for America’s angriest and least internet-savvy Boomers who believe they’re yelling at former president Obama. (I also get tagged a lot by people talking about Barry Island, a beach and resort in Wales, but I like those. They’re always very pleasant tweets.)

Let’s see what Ron’s been dealing with:


Poor Ron. At least it’s all over now.

Now to take a big sip of coffee from a “#1 Ron” mug and see who the Flyers are considering to replace Hextall:


Oh, Ron.

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