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Image: YouTube

Before Rose Lavelle was a World Cup champion, a bronze ball winner, or a USWNT player, she was a kid doing totally sick soccer tricks in her backyard so she could impress Grandma. Apparently, in addition to Mia Hamm, Rose loved Eurythmics.

Reader Ashley sent along this video and concluded from the username that it was uploaded from a YouTube account belonging to Lavelle’s mother, Janet. For supporting evidence, the Cincinnati-born Lavelle played at Mount Notre Dame High School in Ohio, and “jdl1962” uploaded highlights from those games. This appears to be Rose scoring a game-winning goal in a 2009 state tournament:

While the highlights are neat, “Sweet Dreams: 11-year-old girl juggler” has everything: “Sweet Dreams,” juggling, fantastic video editing, and this one trick where Lil’ Rose goes from balancing a soccer ball on her neck to moving to the pushup position. There’s a very endearing bicycle kick attempt at the end.

As a bonus, ignore common sense and read the YouTube comments. To answer your 8-year-old question, SolarRox21: Yes, Rose does still play soccer.


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