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Six basketball and football players from the University of Toledo and two men from the Detroit area have been indicted on charges of "conspiracy to commit sports bribery" for shaving points between 2004 and 2006.


The indictment alleges that the two businessmen from the Detroit Metro area wagered over $400,000 on basketball games in which the point-shaving may have occurred. The athletes involved are point guard Keith Triplett, forward Anton Currie, guard Kashif Payne, and running backs Adam Cuomo, Harvey McDougle, and Quinton Broussard. The investigation actually dates back to 2007, when McDougle and a mysterious gambler named "Gary" were first accused of point shaving, but those charges were eventually dropped ... until now. (McDougle was originally accused of helping to recruit other players to the scheme.) I guess the Feds are nothing if not persistent.


The two Michigan men ("Gary" is one of them) are also accused of trying to fix horse races, but found that it is much more difficult to convince a horse to take a dive.

Today's charges shine a light into the dark corner of illegal sports book-making and reveal the unfortunate consequences that the influence of money from betting can have on the integrity of both athletes and athletic contests," U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg said in a statement.

I know I'll never bet on Toledo athletics ... again? It's really hard to believe that a Rocket would be involved in any sort of rule breaking. The Free Press has the full indictment if you're into that freaky legal stuff.

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