Tom Brady Doesn't Live Here Anymore

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Forget for a moment how the Patriots are going to cope without Tom Brady this season; how is the league itself going to survive? The facts are these: We awaken on Monday morning to a world in which Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are irrelevant, and Brett Favre and Kurt Warner are dancing about celebrating like 12-year-olds. The Panthers beat the Chargers, the Falcons are winning without Michael Vick; me no like bizarro NFL. The big story of course is Brady, who is laid out on a table at Miracle Max's place right now, where we await word if he's dead, or only mostly dead. With Tim Rattay speeding toward Foxborough by bus, expect the former. Yahoo's Mike Silver was the first to report that Brady will miss the entire season with a torn ACL; not tough to predict if you heard the quarterback scream when he was hit by Kansas City's Bernard Pollard. But there are a couple of sources saying that it's not as serious as all that, and that Brady may only be out for a month or so. The words "crackpots" comes to mind, but I'm not here to judge. Brady will get an MRI today. Randy Moss, meanwhile, had a few words about the play itself.

“I don’t really want to get into it, but for me personally, I think it was dirty,” Moss said. “When I came back in (to watch the replay), it looked dirty to me. I’ve never been a dirty player. I honestly don’t even know how to play dirty. I just play the game. Any time you see something like that that looks foul, that looks dirty, it opens your eyes. So for me personally, it looked dirty.”

That should calm the waters. The NFL without its golden boy? It's just hard to imagine. I'm not ready for cologne ads starring Jake Delhomme. KC's Bernard Pollard Not Listening To Moss' 'Dirty' Talk [Boston Herald]