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Tom Brady Forgets Question, Drops F-Bomb On Live TV

Postgame interviews with athletes on the field are almost always boring. The interviewer usually doesn’t ask anything of interest, the athlete on the other end of those questions is spent after playing a whole game and generally doesn’t have much to say anyway. Every once in a while something fun happens. Richard Sherman starts screaming, or Shaq says he doesn’t give a shit. These are the exceptions.


Today’s postgame interview with a loopy and victorious Tom Brady, on the other hand, was fan-fucking-tastic. You can watch it above. Brady, asked what it’s like to go back to the Super Bowl yet again, instead ignores the question in favor of a list of shoutouts he’d like to make. Tom Brady goes to the Super Bowl nearly every season, and yet he treats this TV interview like he’s a 13-year-old tourist who just got pulled up out of Times Square to appear on Total Request Live.

Then, midway through shouting out his buddies/wife to Carson Daly, Brady seems to lose his train of thought. You can see it: his face realizes that his brain has no idea where he’s going seemingly before his brain does. “All our fans back home, way to go man, what a year,” he says. “What was your question?”

He then goes on to answer the long-forgotten question, somehow: “Un-fuckin-believable, bro.” Slipped it right past the censors, too! A fancy man dropped an f-bomb on TV, seconds after giving a shoutout to his wife and daughter. No wonder they call him the greatest ever to do it.

Staff editor, Deadspin