Tom Brady Going Bald, In Latest Dumb Rumor Sure To Dominate The News This Week

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Brady was spotted at a hair transplant clinic in Rhode Island earlier this month, according to a tabloid report. The evidence is thin, sure. But is it as thin as Tom Brady's thinning hair?

Okay, it's the National Enquirer. But by derailing a presidential campaign, they've earned the right to not have me dismiss their celebrity gossip out of hand. Especially when it's so full of situational irony.

Brady, he of the luxurious Bieber Bowl Cut, was reportedly seen entering Leonard Hair Transplant Associates outside of Providence just two days after that brutal loss to the Browns. He spent over an hour before slipping out the back door.


Interestingly, it's not the first time Brady's been linked with Dr. Leonard. Back in 2008, the NY Post reported that Brady was seen at a Manhattan hair restoration clinic, and quoted Dr. Leonard, who spoke to his "thinning hair and bald spot."

Supposedly it's Gisele that's concerned with Brady's locks, and is the one pushing for hair plugs. Just more fuel for the "Gisele made Tom go Hollywood" camp in the Hub. But it begs the question: Can a bald quarterback be effective? Probably not.


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