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Tom Brady Has No Pity For Panhandling Fools

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Not all panhandlers are drunks and bums. Some are just convicted bank robbers who happen to owe Tom Brady — yes, that one — a good chunk of change for tucking and running away with two flower planters.

Here's the story, as explained by Dennis Paiva, the object of every other Boston beggar's envy:

"I saw these two stainless steel metal containers behind a garage next to the trash," Paiva said. "Scrap metal was really high at the time so I grabbed them and put them in my truck."

Paiva took the planters to a scrapyard in Everett, collected $450 and was feeling pretty good about life. Right up until he got a call from a Boston police detective.

"The guy mentions I took some flower pots," Paiva recalled. "I said,‘I don't know what you're talking about.' He said, ‘We got you on the security camera.' And I said, ‘Yeah, I took them, but they were out with the trash.' He said, ‘You gotta get them back. You don't even want to know who they belong to!' "

Well, when Paiva heard who owned his "scrap metal," he rushed back to the yard but, of course, the planters were history. He went back to police and told them the sad tale and was promptly cited for larceny.

"I said, ‘You're kidding me, they were in the trash!' " Paiva said.

Now, because of a trip to the hospital that prevented him from finding real work, Paiva is scouring the streets for the $333.33 he owes monthly to Brady, the guy who makes about $30 million a year and owns $4,000 flower planters. A Patriots spokesman said "he doubts Brady is aware of Paiva's situation." It must be Gisele's fault.


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