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Tom Brady Isn't Doing So Hot

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If you see Tom Brady this weekend, don't ask him about the knee! After finding out that his joints aren't made out of cotton candy and lollipops, doctors are worried about an infection that arose after his ACL reconstruction. They have now performed three separate procedures to try and fight it, and just to give the story a little more juice, the Patriots are P.O.ed—yeah, that's right—at their hobbled franchise because he's a special little angel who always has to have everything his way. New England wanted Brady to be operated on by their rugged no-nonsense NFL doctors, but mamma's boy decided to have surgery in California so that (get this!) he could be close to his family and use the doctors they wanted. Well, that's what you get for letting your pediatrician cut your knee open. Now, he's on a course of IV antibiotics and if it doesn't get better, the new ACL could be worthless and they'll have to start all over again. But he plays for the Patriots and is about to marry a supermodel, so yeah, no one else feels bad about that. Tough, but fair. • Tom Brady suffers setback [Boston Herald] • Brady has more procedures for infection; Pats upset with situation [ESPN] • Gisele to Tom: Make Me A Mom! [Star] • Image via


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