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Tom Brady Linked To ... Uh ... A Phone Call, We Think

You can forgive Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for wondering this morning, "Jeez, of all the seedy, steroid-infested, slimy illegal gin joints in all the world, I had to walk into his."

In one of those stories that ends up with your name "connected" to things, BALCO perpetual non-testifier Greg Anderson dropped Brady's name in a statement to prosecutors as a potential workout partner.

"I had only one brief conversation with Tom Brady regarding a potential future workout," Anderson said in the statement. "I never had another phone conversation with him and never discussed it with anyone."


As far as smoking guns go, it's about as much of one as "Brady went to Bonds' high school." (Which he did. OOOOOOH!) The New York Daily News does what it can to add intrigue to the story, pointing out that Brady was "mysteriously absent for several days near the start of training camp." Here, let's solve the mystery for you: He was getting steroids injected to his ass by Greg Anderson. We mean, it seems obvious, doesn't it?

Brady Linked To BALCO [NY Daily News]

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