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Tom Brady Loves Him Some Olsen Twin

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Our big sister — and by "big sister," we mean "woman who wears shoulder pads" — reported yesterday that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, in New York City for something called "Fashion Week," was sucking face with a bunch of women who did not star in I, Robot. Quoth a tipster:

Tom Brady - at Gypsy tea later that night making out with multiple girls then acting like the perfect boyfriend when his fianc
e, Bridget Moynahan showed up. I was so disappointed!!! He is portrayed as such a sweetheart in the media - what a dog!


But that's nothing: Totally not gay gossip site Perez Hilton reports that Brady was actually hitting on Mary-Kate Olsen. And she rejected him. You know, we preferred it when our former Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks spent their social time drunkenly hitting on sideline reporters on live television. It had more dignity.

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