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Well it's Wednesday, and surely by now Michigan fans are over the sting of not being voted into the BCS title game opposite Ohio State. We imagine that Rose Bowl Fever is gripping the state of Michigan. Right? Hello? (taps computer monitor).

Not exactly. For Wolverine fans, the BCS bowl lineup is, appropriately, the last 10 minutes of Trading Places, with Don Ameche being wheeled out on a gurney crying "Turn those machines back on!" Michigan simply will not let this go. First let us check in on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, a Michigan alum who gives us his unbiased take on the situation in an interview with

"Anyone who has seen (Florida) play realizes it is a no-brainer. Florida is not very good. I watched that game (Saturday) night and that other (Arkansas) quarterback completed like three passes the week before. They have 18 guys out there throwing passes for Arkansas," Brady said.


How bitter are the feelings? Michigan is still complaining about Gary Danielson's TV commentary in the Florida-Arkansas game. We take you now to MGoBlog:

Danielson irresponsibly used a captive audience and may have seriously harmed Michigan's chances of getting to the national championship game with his incessant, retarded assertions that Michigan didn't deserve the national championship game because it was a "second place team." He's lost the considerable respect I had for his color commentary. Now I only hope I can identify him getting out of his car so I can STAB STAB STAB STAB HIM IN THE STABBY PLACES let the air out of his tires. KNIFEY NEEDS BLOOD TO BREATHE I don't like him very much.

And remember, Arkansas has 18 quarterbacks.

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