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Tom Brady, Still Clockin' Hos

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Legitimate question: How the hell do NFL players have time to meet girls during the season? Particularly the quarterbacks. The reason we never believed that Tony Romo was dating Jessica Simpson was not because we didn't think he had a chance with her; after all, he is able to walk upright. It was because the life of an NFL quarterback seems so complicated and full of meetings and film that it's a wonder he was ever allowed to leave the complex.

Anyway, apparently Tom Brady has found some time while charging through his Patriots' most surprising playoff run since their first one; The Boston Herald reports that Gisele Bundchen was waiting for him outside the New England locker room following the upset victory over the Chargers on Sunday. We have no idea when he could have met her in the first place; doesn't Belichick have him locked in some underground bunker from November until February?

Regardless, we think we know now why LaDainian Tomlinson was so pissed post game.


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