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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Tom Brady Will Be Well Coiffed On Sunday

Illustration for article titled Tom Brady Will Be Well Coiffed On Sunday

The big Super Bowl question concerning Tom Brady isn't "Is he injured?", but rather "Will he have his nails done?" One can bet that the answer is affirmative, as word has leaked that the Patriots' quarterback will have his own hair stylist on hand in Glendale this weekend. They're calling him a barber, but come on; his name is Pini Swissa.

"I did Tom Brady (Tuesday), and right before the Super Bowl, it's a surprise for everybody. Saturday night, I'm gonna cut it off. Saturday night, we're gonna cut it really, really off. We've been doing it the last couple Super Bowls, and Tom Brady is the last person to be superstitious. Every Super Bowl, I cut his hair off. I hope the helmet's gonna fit after I cut his hair off."


When the conversation turns to Greatest Quarterback of All Time, one supposes that Brady's name deserves to be in the mix. But how can I consider a guy who has a hairstylist on retainer? Didn't Johnny Unitas just let a kid roll over his head with a lawnmower a couple of times a year?

Pini & Brady [Double Coverage]

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