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Tom Emanski Is Rolling In His Grave

Manny Ramirez, what a free spirit! That hair, that carefree attitude. He's like the Dharma & Greg of our generation! And this is what makes him so lovable, right? Well, no. That would be fielding attempts like this.

At a time when it looks like Manny Ramirez might be on his way out of Boston (again?), this moment surely can't help him. Get out your Highlights magazine back covers and count the number of things he does poorly:

(1) He assumes the ball was hit with Mary Kate Olsen strength, and comes in way too shallow to field it. The ball lands several feet behind him.

(2) He imagines he's on Legends Of The Hidden Temple and has to crawl into the Room of Harmonic Convergence to get the baseball.

(3) He crawls too far, and lands on the baseball, suffocating it. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors were unable to revive the ball.


Yikes. The clip doesn't show it, but he played the rest of the game in left field while jumping on a pogo stick. What a character!

Aging Manny May Be Expendable For Red Sox [FOX Sports]

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