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I was curious about how Patriots fans would react to the loss last night, since they have so infrequently experienced that thing called losing. Understandably, not many Pats blogs have been updated. But a few of the diehards who realize the therapeautic nature of blogging did manage get some thoughts down. They ran the gamut of emotions.

From extreme anger...

• "If I ever calm down, I'll chime in. Until then, I want Rodney Harrison to kill someone with a crutch just to prove a point." [Basegirl]

To respectful acceptance...

• "It was like watching a superhero die." [Cold, Hard, Football Facts]

To ironically calling some other team's quarterback a pretty boy...

• "I suppose everyone's NFL wet dream will finally come true this year and pretty boy Peyton will finally get his ring." [mr. black and white]


All the way to the standard, "Let's blame the refs."

• "I've seen less referee error in the WWE. These men should not only lose their jobs, they should be banned from wearing stripes ever again... unless it's the outfits that one associates with people doing jail time." [The Belly Check]