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Tom Jurich's Kid Throws Wild Hissy Fit Over The Location Of His Disgraced Dad's Louisville Tickets

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Mark Jurich, son of former Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich, is extremely, extremely pissed about the location of the 20 years’ worth of tickets granted to his family as part of his dad’s termination last autumn. The tickets are not the tickets they’re used to, and Mark is reading an awful lot of meaning into the relocation. Per the Louisville Courier-Journal, who published a hilariously angry email Mark sent to the university:

This email is not about tickets. It is about you and the University dishonoring my father and your blatant disrespect for my family.

If you cannot bear the sight, or rather the optics of Tom Jurich in the YUM! Center or Cardinal Stadium, you are weaker than I thought. If you feel the need to hide my dad in a corner to make yourself feel important or simply comfortable, then so be it — he will do that for you. But you cannot possibly think you can erase him by hiding him in these stadiums.

It seems the Jurichs were used to having primo seats near midfield at football games and behind the home team bench at basketball games. These new seats, which Mark Jurich apparently feels are tantamount to hiding a person in the arena, are reportedly near the goal line and near the baseline in football and basketball, respectively. The horror! The rudeness of seating people near the baseline at a basketball game is truly breathtaking.

Mark has some very tough questions to ask of new athletic director Vince Tyra, who he sees as responsible for these insults:

Why be so petty? Why not be confident in the leader you think you are, rather than disregard the leader my father has always been? Why not honor him? Why not allow him to keep the seats he has earned after 20 years?


I can think of several reasons why the current Louisville athletic director might not want to “honor” the predecessor who ran the shop when it became the first in NCAA history to vacate a national championship, and when it was fully embroiled in a massive FBI investigation into recruiting violations, and who was accused of “willful misconduct” on his way out the door. But hey, whoa, Mark is still over here asking questions:

What do you stand for? How do you look into my eyes moments after my father was placed on leave and say “I will do everything to make sure this University honors your dad”? Can you imagine me treating your son Cooper this way?

Just to be clear, “this way” is, uhh, moving some tickets to Louisville sporting events over a little. By God the man has worn his butt-print into those damn seats, and it’s too late in the game to start the process anew in some strange new section. Surely there can be no explanation beyond pure pettiness for forcing such an indignity onto a man and his family:

When asked why Jurich’s seats weren’t in the athletic director’s location they’ve always been in, Tyra’s response was brief: “Because he’s not the AD anymore.”


Ah! Well. Hmmm.

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