"Tommy G?": People On The Street Try To Name A Famous Active Baseball Player

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Senior Producer: Kiran Chitanvis | Creative Producer: Jorge Corona, Santiago Garcia

If the 2016 survey of 6,000 sports fans that found no active baseball players cracked the top 50 most popular athletes, the persuasive handwringing over Mike Trout’s likability, and the fact that we just considered this question last week to no definitive answer weren’t convincing, here’s more evidence for the argument that Major League Baseball lacks a marquee superstar.

Even if the point of this piece was to prove a lack of consensus among strangers on the streets of New York, it was still surprising how often they struggled to name any active baseball players. But maybe that’s what happens when the Post and Daily News are deprived of material for scathing Matt Harvey headline puns.

Before watching the video, take a moment to remember that Derek Jeter hasn’t played a baseball game in almost four years; A-Rod, whose first name is Alex, retired two years ago; and Babe Ruth died in 1948.