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Tommy Lasorda Returns To Action

Attention Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea. Tommy Lasorda has updated his blog! Everyone please turn on your computers!

Every month or so, perhaps simply to justify the free laptop computer, our man Tommy does his duty for MLB This time he pecks out a loving tribute to the All-Star Game, and Bud Selig's decision to base World Series home field advantage on the outcome. Says Tommy:

"Bud Selig felt he has to inject energy into the game and give the fans the game they want. He understands the fans want to see the splendor and spectacle of Major League Baseball. So he had to create importance for the players and coaches."

Hmm, back when Pete Rose and Bob Gibson were playing, this didn't seem to be an issue. But Tommy feels a need to goose the current generation of players into action. Fine, but why drag the World Series into it? Some other ways to "create importance" in the All-Star Game that Tommy overlooked:

· Losing league's players forced to go home on public transit.
· Winning pitcher gets to pummel cameraman of his choice.
· Bugs Bunny to play all positions for National League.
· If intensity lags, raise terror threat level to orange.
· Fans allowed to run onto field to argue calls.

Tommy Lasorda's World [MLB Blogs]


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