On the night we learned replacement officials are finally getting the heave-ho, Trey Parker and Matt Stone sent up Monday night's disgrace in Seattle alongside the brain injury debate in an NFL-themed South Park that also featured Tom Brady drinking semen and a mockery of Cee-Lo's shitty new NFL Network theme.


Among other personalities represented in construction paper-form included NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Jon Gruden, Adam Foote, Lance Armstrong, Peyton Manning, LaMarr Woodley, and a derp-faced Dan Dierdorf. Jim Rome's Five-Hour Energy ads didn't escape the episode's flame either, the plot of which involves Randy Marsh sarcastically suggesting a non-violent game called "Sarcastaball" as a safer alternative to football.

In typical South Park fashion, both sides of the issue get their fair share of mockery—other than the replacement officials, that is.