Tonight's The Night HBO Real Sports Explores Deadspin's Septic Tank

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So the news was broken a couple weeks ago but for those of you interested in what Bryant Gumbel's discerning pencil feels about our shady operation, tune into HBO (home of Treme) tonight at 10 p.m. EST, especially if you always wanted to hear Andrea Kremer say the word "penis" ad nauseum.

Clearly, this has been month filled with flattering, disorienting coverage for Deadspin — myself, in particular — and this will most likely be the final chapter in the six-month saga of Brett Favre's dick, which metastasized from a heavily scrutinized blog post, to an NFL investigation, to an SNL skit, to a mysterious $50,000 fine, to a story that set ablaze the sacred ethics of both sports journalism and amateur pornography. The last part is an exaggeration, of course, but given the amount of scrutiny Favre's dong has undergone since last August, there are those individuals who do believe that to be true. If it's easier that way for some, well, I'm fine with that.

I have no idea what the scope of the Real Sports piece will be, but indications are that it will be the live-action version of Gabriel Sherman's GQ article. I've been told there will be appearances by Buzz Bissinger, Sean Salisbury, and others opining either about the underlying greatness of the site or how ruinous it is to innocent and semi-famous media personalities alike. They filmed us over a couple weeks in January doing various things around the Gawker office that mostly included either typing, dawdling, talking, typing, staring at a computer monitor, smoking, drinking coffee, walking and talking, talking on the phone, staring at the monitor, pointing at the monitor, talking while typing and/or staring at the monitor or some other activity suggested by one of the producers so the entire segment would not resemble a poorly produced documentary about telemarketers selling accidental dismemberment insurance. We shall see.


At the very least, everyone on staff was incredibly impressed with Andrea Kremer. She took the assignment seriously from the first moment she clomped into Gawker's offices and was easy to work around even while she hovered and peppered us with questions like, "Are you the most feared man in sports journalism?" or "What is this Gold Club I've heard about?" She also earned my undying respect when she pulled out her iPad during our final sit-down and read Drew's headline "Pigs Will Eat The Poop Right Out Of Your Butt" without flinching and then seamlessly following it up with, "What does that have to do with sports?" She's the best.


So watch it tonight. They worked hard on it.


Tomorrow, I'll be making another announcement on the site. One which really sucks. Boo. On Thursday I'll be off on vacation for 10 days and pulling myself away from this wretched machine for a while to get some sun on these bones. You'll be in good hands until I get back around February 28th.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin throughout all this shit. Onward.