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Boston Celtics' guard Tony Allen apparently has angered some Chicago-area individuals so much they have threatened to kill him, prompting Tom Clancy-like security for him during last night's Bulls/Celtics game at the United Center.


The team plopped security behind the bench last night to fend off any Allen-haters that may try to stab or shoot him in the middle of the game. When approached by Boston Globe reporter Marc Spears, Allen became surly:

"Is that what you're going to write about? Is that what you're going to write about?" said Allen, before walking away after being asked about the threats.


Yes, dick!

The threats against Allen in his hometown of Chicago have been going on for quite some time — he also received one when the Celtics traveled to Chicago on March 17th, but Allen missed that trip with a thumb injury. Speculations abound about who could possibly be so infuriated with the Celtics' guard, but the ongoing theory is might have something to do with a bar fight Allen had in 2005 which resulted in one person getting shot in the arm. (Bloodier than blood...)

Tony Allen did play for a little over 8 minutes in last night's trouncing of the Bulls, but was held scoreless. No attempts on his life were reported during the game. The Celtics play the Bulls again at the United Center on Sunday. Watch out for snipers.

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