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Tony Allen Whupped O.J. Mayo Over A Gambling Debt

Allen and Mayo got into a scrape on the team flight home Monday, over, what else, a card game. At least no one pulled a gun this time.

Ah, yes, Boo-Ray, the same card game that came between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton around this time last year.

According to a source, Mayo and Allen were involved in a card game that left Mayo owing Allen between $1,000 and $1,500. Mayo refused to pay and repeatedly insulted Allen.

Allen then went to the restroom and returned to Mayo, who was acting more belligerent about losing. Allen then struck Mayo and the two had to be separated by teammates.


Mayo didn't play in last night's game. The team says it was bronchitis, but we say the report that it was "a one-sided scrap in which Allen clearly got the best of Mayo" probably had just as much to do with his DNP.

With the Arenas incident, there was word that teams across the NBA were going to crack down on card games for cash. This sends us hurrying to the archives to try and catch Memphis in a lie, but to their credit(?), they said at the time they wouldn't restrict gambling. Grizz owner Michael Heisley had this to say:

Gambling on a plane is a problem," he said. "But I know the players use it as a release. ... I think with what has happened, the league is going to look at that, and, quite honestly, if the league decided they wanted to ban that, I would go forward. ... Since it's your team doing it, it has the potential to cause problems."

I think it's clear that the problem isn't gambling or card-playing. It's men refusing to pay up when they lose.

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