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In case you were wondering just what Tony Kornheiser is really like, apparently these days the needle on the douchemeter is pressed all the way to the right. I can't imagine going to a seafood restaurant and throwing a fit because my favorite variety of crab isn't on the menu, but then I don't work for ESPN.


From the Wilmington News Journal, which reports on a Kornhesier sighting at the Big Fish Grill in the Rehoboth Beach area:

While at the restaurant, Kornheiser didn't make too many friends, a source told me. After announcing that he was "too famous to be here," a staffer finally found him a corner table to keep him from, ahem, all his fans. Once there, the type of crabs he wanted weren't on the menu and he allegedly said, "I want what I want when I want it."

My source swore he said that, but I'd be surprised if anyone could be such an ass. Staffers had to go next door to the Big Fish Seafood Market to get Kornheiser his precious crabs.


Ha. Reminds me of the restaurant scene with Richard Crenna in the movie Summer Rental.

And I wonder if Tony used the "I'm too famous to be here" line when he quit the Washington Post. But really, there is nothing in the universe more baffling than the journalist-as-celebrity phenomenon; I can't fathom why anyone would give a fig about what a television commentator ate, or where he ate it. And to run off into the night to fetch crabs for Tony Kornheiser? These really are the end times.

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