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Dugout genius Tony La Russa is suing Twitter, claiming he "suffered significant emotional distress" and "damage to his reputation" because of a fake La Russa account. Sheesh, can't the man take a few jokes about dead pitchers and drunk driving?


La Russa filed the suit last month in the Superior Court of California in San Francisco. He's seeking unspecified damages. Exhibit A includes the following posts (the Twitter page has been taken down):

• "Lost 2 out of 3, but we made it out of Chicago without one drunk driving incident or dead pitcher... I'd call that an I-55 series."
• "Fortunately, Ian Snell sucks now... when Molina and Duncan Jr. go deep off of you it's time to look yourself in the mirror, have an ice-..."
• "drinking a cold Zima and wishing fucking Hancock was alive, I bet he could've gotten Jack Wilson out."


Something like this was bound to happen eventually, I guess. But these guys picked probably the worst guy in sports to mess with. Need we remind you that La Russa, the Socrates of the lineup card, is also the proud owner of a law degree?

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