In last month's Deadspin thread discussing the three Thanksgiving NFL games, commenter Wingman said the following:

Although there were no hot chicks in that story I will mention a hot chick from the Cowboys game. God Carrie Underwood was totally doing it for me, those boots with the tight jeans - very nice!

I think we men all know what that means. Wingman called Carrie Underwood, and he gets first shot at her. The rest of us ought to back off.

Tony Romo, however, has violated this man law. He saw Underwood at the Cowboys' Thanksgiving game, the same time Wingman saw her, and he approached her and asked her out. Yesterday she had a pregame field pass at Romo's invitation. The Jessica Simpson thing has apparently passed, and now Romo and Underwood are a thing. I'm sure Bill Parcells couldn't be happier for them, but Wingman ought to talk to Drew Bledsoe about contributing to his blog.

Two Idols At Cowboys Game [McClatchey-Tribune]