Tony Romo: Cowboy, Hero To The OnStar-Averse

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Ugh. As painful as it is to type these words, especially during this week, it seems appropriate given the circumstances: TONY ROMO IS A GOOD GUY. Fine. Whatever. Great. A story in today's Fort Worth Star Telegram tells the tale of two Cowboys fans named Bill and Sharon White, who were returning from an out-of-town trip late Sunday night only to have their journey home side-tracked by a blown tire. Bill pulled the car into lighted parking lot strip mall to fix his busted ride, but was having trouble with the jack and the air compressor. It was near midnight and the Whites were stranded, helplessly watching "hundreds" of cars go by, anxiously waiting to get home to watch the Cowboys game they had on their Tivo. Finally, one "well-dressed young man" with a bandage on his chin, pulled over to see if the couple needed some assistance. Sharon kept eye-balling the guy as he helped her husband fiddle with the compressor and then...:

"You are Tony Romo," she said. No reply, just a smile, and then it was back to work on the compressor. Finally, they got the tire aired up. Enough, anyway, to make a slow drive home. "I didn't want to bother him," Sharon said, "but I asked again, 'You're Tony Romo, right?' " I knew it was him by then. But he smiled and said, 'Yes, ma'am.' " Sharon: "I did something no 50-year-old woman should be doing, but I screamed real loud, and then jumped up and hugged him."

So they got home, safe and sound, and finally got a chance to see how Romo got that bandage on his chin. Nicely done, Tony. Anyway back to reality: fuck the Cowboys. A fine Sunday indeed for Tony Romo [Fort Worth Star Telegram]