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Tony Romo Gets All The Money reports that the Cowboys have locked up Tony Romo as their quarterback for the foreseeable future, signing him to a six-year deal worth $108 million. We all know NFL contracts are dirty lies, and the only thing that matters is guaranteed money. Romo gets $55 million guaranteed. Holy balls.

Like with seemingly every restructuring/extension signed this offseason, Romo's contract will give the Cowboys more cap space this coming year. Still: so much money! Franchise quarterbacks don't come cheap, though, and Jerry Jones apparently thought it worth the outlay to avoid adding QB to the long list of holes Dallas needs to fill. Know who didn't think it was worth it? Donovan McNabb.


Maybe we shouldn't be trusting owner/GM Jerry Jones to do what's best for this team, though. Romo got his money, in part, because he had a ton of leverage. And that leverage is all Jones's fault. The wording in Romo's contract would have made him a free agent at the end of the next league year—not, as with pretty much every player ever, during the franchise window. That means if the Cowboys and Romo hadn't agreed to a deal before next winter, Dallas would have been unable to keep him for 2014 with a franchise tag.

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